Danielle is a freelance editor with over 15 years of experience and a deep love for the written word. As a college graduate with extensive writing and editing requirements, she offers general read-throughs, proofreading, developmental editing, and line/content editing. She can work on publications of all kinds, including but not limited to book manuscripts, dissertations, and magazine/newspaper articles. Standard turn around time is 14 days. However, expedited service can be arranged. Danielle prides herself on fast and accurate services.



Danielle Leigh Editorial Services strives to provide the best possible experience for both author and reader. Editing is more than just spelling and grammar, therefore, your work is also inspected for:

  • Repetitive words
  • Plot holes
  • Character growth/progression
  • POV Changes
  • Awkward transitions/phrasing
  • Ample/excessive backstory
  • Flow
  • Spelling
  • Grammar


Line and Copy Editing: $0.005/word

–Line and Copy Editing is an in-depth service focusing on your writing, content, and concepts. Included in this service is in-line changes to the plot, characters, tense, pacing, perspective, grammar, consistency, accuracy, repetition, readability, clarity, and transitions. This option includes one proofreading after the initial edit and a final read through just before publishing. This extensive triple step process ensures optimal satisfaction with your final product.


Developmental Editing: $0.007/word

– If your manuscript isn’t ready for my copy editing services, you might consider Developmental Editing. This service is different and more extensive than copy/line editing. The primary goal of this service is to help refine your writing skills, overall manuscript, and concept. When you use my developmental editing services, I will work closely with you throughout the writing process to ensure your work is the best it can be. Additionally, I will include in-line editing and an overall report to assist you with character development, pacing, and plot issues. Essentially, this service is a combination of copy and line editing, beta reading, and writing coaching.



PROOFREADING: $0.002/word

Proofreading includes checking your work for basic mistakes, such as spelling, grammar, and consistency. This service does not include punctuation or sentence structure review.

Post-edit Proofreading:
–  Post-edit proofreading is offered for previously published manuscripts. This service includes everything in the proofreading service as well as anything else I find in a single read through, such as tense, flow, and continuity.
$75 – <20k
$100 – 20k-40k
$150 – 40k-80k
$200 – 80k-100k
$250 – 100k-120k
$300 – 120k-140k
$350 – 140k-160k